The principal sources are:

Edward P Rice. Benjamin Rice, or Fifty Years in the Master’s Service, 1889

B Lewis Rice. Biographical Notes, 1922

Mary Sophia Rice. My Memoirs, 1923

Constance Maud Rice. Carte Blanche Childhood.

Harold Douglas Rice. Brief History of the Marikanave Project, 1910

Harold Douglas Rice. The Autobiography of Harold Douglas Rice, 1951.

Ronald Maitland Austin Rice. Bangalore Revisited, 1973.


Notes on Archive Material

1. Most of the material held by members of the family has been photocopied and deposited at the Centre for South Asian Studies at Cambridge, England. There are two boxes of Rice papers and one of Bevan Papers.

2. The Archives of the London Mission are at SOAS Archives Library, in the Special Collections Room.

3. The National Library of Scotland has some letters to Henry Rice and to his wife and daughter in Special Materials Room Indexes, MSS Vol VI, Free Church of Scotland, Home and Abroad. Most are of a mundane nature, concerning pay.


Locations of books and archives–Institutions in the United Kingdom

A list of institutions elsewhere would include The Library of Congress, Washington DC, which holds a number of the works listed below. A list of archive holdings in India would be welcome.

BL British Library
BLO Bodleian Library Oxford (books are to be found at several sites)
BM British Museum Anthropology library
CUL Cambridge University Library (books are to be found at several sites)
CSAS Centre for South Asian Studies, Cambridge
NLS National Library of Scotland
SOAS School of Oriental and African Studies, London
SOAS Archives Library


Writings located in UK Libraries
(titles in bold may be in the UK but have not yet been traced)

By Benjamin Rice

1 Scripture History in Scripture Language 1844 SOAS; 1845 SOAS

2 The Four Gospels, and Acts of the Apostles (Canarese) 1853 SOAS

3The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ (Canarese) 1854 SOAS; 1858 SOAS

4 Elements of Geography, in Canarese 1859 SOAS

5 Pilgrim’s Progress (Bunyan) Pt 1 Kannada 1861 SOAS

6 Epitome of the Bible in the words of Scripture, Old Testament  1862-  SOAS

7 The Arunodaya—an illustrated Canarese magazine 1862-67  SOAS BL

8 Kanarese hymns, original and selected 1863 SOAS; 1929 SOAS  [Apparently the Library of Congress has a microform version of the 1oth edition, 1900]

9 The Holy Bible—containing the Old and New (Canarese) 1865 SOAS

10 The Elements of Church History 1869 BL

11 The Book of the Prophet Isaiah no date SOAS


By or partly by John Garrett

1 A manual Kanarese and English dictionary 1845 SOAS; 1863 SOAS; 1865 SOAS; 1871 SOAS

2 The Bhagavat gita (or Bhagavat-geeta) 1846 SOAS BL; 1849 SOAS; 1870 SOAS

3 The four Gospels, and Acts of the Apostles 1853 SOAS

4 The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1854 SOAS; 1858 SOAS

5 A first history of England 1855 SOAS

6 The Pancha Tantra 1864 SOAS; 1865 SOAS

A brief sketch of the history of India 1865 BLO; 1867 SOAS; 1870 BL

8 A Classical Dictionary of India, 1871 SOAS CUL BLO; supplement 1873 CUL BLO; 1971 SOAS; 1990 SOAS


By or partly by B Lewis Rice

1 An Introduction to Sanskrit 1868 BL

2 Mysore and Coorg: a gazetteer compiled for government 1877, 1878 BL; 1878 SOAS; 1908.  (Also the Provincial Gazetteer, Government of India Press, Calcutta)

3 Mysore inscriptions 1879 SOAS BLO BL

4 Amara khosa of Amara Simha 1881; 1883 SOAS: 1927 SOAS; 1988 SOAS; 1989 BL; 1991 CUL

5 Catalogue of Sanskrit Manuscripts in Mysore and Coorg 1884 BLO CUL BL

6 Report on the Mysore Census of 1881 1884 SOAS

7 Naga Varmma’s Karnataka Bhasha-Bhushana [Bibliotheca Carnatica Vol 1)] 1884 BL

8 Report on education in Coorg 1834-1882 1884 SOAS

9 The imperial gazetteer of India 1885 SOAS

10 Epigraphia Carnatica 1886 SOAS BLO (i.e. Vol 1); 1886-1905 CUL BL (Vols 1-12); 1972 SOAS

11 Coorg Inscriptions [Epigraphia Carnatica Vol 1] 1886 BLO CUL BL; 1889 SOAS; 1914 BLO CUL BL BM

12 The Pampa Ramayana 1882 BLO; 1889 BL; ? another edition with English abstract 1889 BL;  [Bibliotheca Carnatica Vol 3] 1892

13 Inscriptions at Sravana Belgola [Epigraphia Carnatica Vol 2] 1889 CUL

14 Bhattakalanka Deva’s Karnataka sabdanusasana [Bibliotheca Carnatica Vol 2] 1890 BLO BL

15 Find of Roman Coins near Bangalore 1891

16 Edicts of Asoka in Mysore [1892] BLO

17 Mysore: a gazetteer compiled for government 1897 SOAS BLO CUL BL BM

18 The Pampa Bharata [Bibiotheca Carnatica Vol 4] 1898 BLO

19 British Tombs and Monuments in Mysore 1906 (Indian Monumental Series of Imperial Government)

20 Mysore and Coorg from the inscriptions 1909 [a compendium to Epigraphia Carnatica] SOAS BLO CUL BL

21 Mysore Inscriptions 1983 CUL

22 Biographical Notes 1922 privately printed ?CSAS


By or partly by Edward P Rice

1 Benjamin Rice: or, Fifty Years in the Master’s Service no date SOAS; ?1889 CUL; 1889 BL

2 Universal Religion 1903 SOAS

3 The New Testament of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ 1906 SOAS

4 Genesis. Draft Translation 1908 BL

5 Revision of Kanarese Old Testament. Leviticus 1909 BL

6 Revision of Kanarese Old Testament. Exodus 1909 BL

7 Leviticus. Draft Translation 1909 BL

8 Exodus. Draft Translation 1909 BL

9 The Psalms. Draft Translation 1911 BL

10 A History of Kanarese Literature ?1915 CUL BL; 1918 BOL; 1921 SOAS BOL CUL

11 How the New Testament grew up 1920? SOAS

12 The Mahabharata: analysis and index 1934 SOAS CUL

13 The Lambeth Quadrilateral and Church Union in South India 1935 SOAS


By Henry Rice

1 Native Life in South India ?1889 or 1892 SOAS BLO CUL BL; [1890] NLS


By Harold Douglas Rice

1 Brief History of the Marikanave Project ?1910 ?CSAS

2 The Autobiography of Harold Douglas Rice 1951 CSAS


By Mary Sophia Rice

1 My Memoirs ?1923 CSAS


Other works

1 Biography of B Lewis Rice Esq by B Padmaraja Pandit, 1905

2 Works by B Lewis Rice, C.I.E and extracts from opinions thereon. A pamphlet, perhaps 1914

3 South India United Church, Rice Memorial Church, Bangalore 1917 SOAS